House. Job. Home again. Cooking. Cleaning. Your groundhog day.

Honey, Stop! Do you think you were born for this? You are unique, such as you are no more! Remember who you dreamed of becoming as a child? And why did you betray your dreams? Who told you that you are not capable of more? Maybe it was your loved one, or ... it doesn't matter! The main thing is that you believed them! And you began to live the way the majority lives ... 

But you know, you can still change! The main thing, dear, is to remember ... to remember who you are! 

In a community of like-minded women, you will begin to slowly remember why you are here. Wearing clothes that will give you confidence, you will remember who you are. This will not happen overnight, but with every step, you will be closer to yourself that little girl who dreamed, believed, and knew that she could change this world! She will not have obstacles, there will be people around who will support her on this path. She will confidently step forward to her dream, knowing that now she deserves it. They will be equal to her, they will follow her, she will inspire.

Once going to the mirror, she will see the REAL SELF in it.

I dream that millions of women around the world will remember what they dreamed of, say to themselves "Make it, Babe!" and begin to make your dream come true!

Elizabeth Efimova
Founder & CEO Barberry LTD
Make it, Babe! project